Albania, a country with a past of brutal oppression, where you can still see the traces. But also a country of unprecedented natural beauty, beautiful beaches, quiet archaeological sites and enchanting cities such as Berat and Gjirokaster. A country where people just give you a raki, fig or apple and no two days are the same.

Travelling Albania puts your trip together for you with great care and also offers a fine selection of small-scale group travel. Such as by minibus along old communist relics, the pearls of the west coast, or an unforgettable agrofarm cuisine. Have a look at our offer and see for yourself that Albania deserves to be on your bucket list! 



Weekend in Tirana

Would you like to spend a weekend among young, beautiful and lively people in places where prices are frozen in time? Tirana is your city!
4 days
Large (13-16)

Pearls of the West Coast

'Mysterious wetlands, beautiful beaches, age-old frescoes ... the west coast has it all. A trip by (mini)bus along the mysterious, varied west coast. For nature lovers
9 days

Traces of the Communist State

A journey through the toughest relics of Albania's communist past, led by journalist Rudie Kagie. Culinary fireworks compensate for the sadness.
8 days

Ohrid & Korça Weekend

Korça is Albania’s sweetheart! Everything about this town is romantic, from its traditional Albanian serenades to its beautiful winter snow. Its traditional villas, cobble-stone streets
4 days

Grand Tour of Albania

An extended tour of Albania where you will discover the fascinating history, unique culture, and beautiful landscapes of this authentic country. You will be visiting
15 days

Call to Adventure 2020

This multi-adventure tour is for people who are interested in experiencing Albania in an active way, going to places few have discovered.  You love the
8 days
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Looking for something different ?

Tailored Tours

Are you inspired by Albania and the tours of TravellingAlbania, but haven’t found your dream trip yet? No problem. TravellingAlbania offers all types of tailor-made trips, customized just for you. From a hiking trip in the Albanian Alps or a wild-water adventure in the Skrapar region, a paragliding adventure, mountainbike tour or a 4WD tour, to a candy trip full of beauty and wellness along our breathtaking Riviera. How about a wine trip to the beautiful wine regions of Berat or the birthplace of the rare ceruja?

An organized visit to remote locations, a meet-and-greet with locals? Individual, with the family, a class or a group of colleagues? With or without a guide, with your own car, rental car, public transport or a private driver? You name it. The possibilities are endless.

Send an e-mail with your wishes or call 06-45145123. We will compile a proposal with a quote within ten days. Do not wait any longer.

Albania is looking forward to welcoming you!


We care

By taking this tour you contribute to the development of small-scale tourism in Albania.

Value for Money

Our travels give you an in-depth experience of Albania’s culture and history. Some places and stories can shift your perspectives.

Dutch guides

Where possible we engage local English-speaking guides because we help create employment. But we have Dutch-speaking guides too in many tours.

Authentic tours

Understand the culture, learn the history, see the places, meet the locals, try their cuisine and feel Albanian.

All ages

The tours are designed for (adventurous) seniors too.

Passionate Travel

We are passionate about Albania, and even more passionate about showing it to you with pride!

Search Tours

Find your dream tour today!

ALBANIA: Go Your Own Way


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Pearls of the West Coast

The tour was surprisingly beautiful! We have visited many places and we have learned about the history and culture of of Albania. The food is good & the costs are very low in relation to

Grand Tour of Albania

Albania is an amazing country! Not that many tourists yet so the culture is still really pure. The people in Albania are also really nice. They are not used to tourists so probably that is