“Traveling Albania is the travel agency of Poli Loman, born in 1973 in Korçë, Albania. Poli came to the Netherlands in 1995. She is married and is the mother of two sons. She works as a teacher of English and ICT in secondary education in Woerden and is the chairwoman of the Cultural Association of the Dutch-Albanian community in the Netherlands.

With Traveling Albania, Poli Loman wants to bring Dutch people into contact with the many cultural, historical and landscape treasures of her homeland, which, surprisingly, are still largely undiscovered. Through her travels, she hopes to contribute to the well-being and self-awareness of a group that does not have it easy but is easily overlooked, namely that of the ordinary Albanians.

In addition to organized group trips, Poli is happy to put together tailor-made tours for you. She works together with Albanian partners but also likes to travel as a guide herself. Do you have questions? Please call for more information.’