The last secret of the Balkans, this is how Albania is called. And it’s true. Apart from the tourist fun routes, the beautiful land by the sea, it is still largely undiscovered by travelers and tourists. Those who visited it were astonished by its beauty and many charms. One would sometimes wish it could stay that way. So unspoiled, empty, and mysterious. But it would also be a shame.

TravellingAlbania a young travel organization and destination management company wants to bring western Europeans and especially people of the Benelux in contact with Albania’s rich culture and its beautiful yet unknown landscape. Our mission is to help people see what an attractive destination Albania is, how much it has to offer in terms of tourism. By doing so we would like to contribute to the development of tourism in Albania in general, and in particular to the development of small-scale tourism, thereby supporting ordinary Albanians in their entrepreneurship


We co-operate with the best local operators and best accommodations, so everything is possible. Considering our mission, we will first opt for characteristic accommodations such as smaller family hotels and agriculture farms, naturally checked for the modern requirements of comfort.

TravellingAlbania is a collaboration between Dutch and Albanian partners from the world of travel, writing, and education. The organization is an initiative of Mrs. Poli Loman, born in Korçë, Albania. Poli came to the Netherlands in 1995 for love. She is a secondary education teacher and chairs the cultural association of the Albanian community in the Netherlands. In February 2019, Mrs. Loman was given the title ‘Ambassador of the Nation’ by the Albanian government, a title that she bears with pride and responsibility. For more information read Poli’s interview: Albania has it all. 

With TravellingAlbania, Mrs. Loman wants to be the starting point of every journey for western Europeans to Albania, this special Balkan country by the sea, giving the best advice on the country. For young people, families, seniors, for culture lovers, historians, athletes, and adventurers. And not only with the organized group tours that you find on the site, but also with individual tailor-made trips. Youth travel, educational travel, conference travel, everything is possible.

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