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VACATION FAIR STORIES During the vacation fair for special journeys in Breda, I met Doekele, who came to our stand and very enthusiastic about Albania, encouraged other people at the stand to visit Albania, because according to him it is a beautiful and adventurous country. He visited it in JUNE 2019. This led to me

75 reasons for visiting Albania

75 reasons for visiting Albania Catherine from eternalarrival.com For too long, Albania has been ignored as a tourist destination. I get it. The country has had to bounce back from a lot. For years, Albania was under one of the most repressive communist totalitarian regimes in history – even North Korea has more trade partners

Why Albania Is A Great Destination For Wine Drinkers

BY: PATTI MORROW OP 5 JANUARI 2017 Patti Morrow, Epicure & Culture Contributor Albanian wine is no stranger to Europe. Archaeological evidence near the capital of Tirana suggests that traces of tannic acid, which produces the bitter taste in wine, date back to a 6,000-year viniculture, making Albania potentially the oldest wine region in Europe. Albania, a


FROM THE MALDIVES TO NORWAY’S FJORDS, FROM RIVIERA TO UNESCO SITES, FROM GASTRONOMIC DELIGHTS & WINE CANTEEN’S TO HOSPITABLE PEOPLE WAITING TO WELCOME YOU! Interview with Poli Loman, founder of the unique travel organization: TravellingAlbania B.V., who will tell us why we should visit Albania and why we should do it now! Source: Pixabay, photographer:

Albania, number 8 on Harper’s Bazaar list

The beautiful places people will be going on holiday in 2019 http://Harper’s Bazar list of 2019 According to the experts By Olivia Blair Nov 27, 2018 Getty ImagesMlenny Winter is officially here. The days are shorter, temperature is colder and summer feels both a long time ago and a long way away, which leaves us

Tirana, a lively, affordable destination

Vogue.com LIVING > TRAVEL The Capital of Albania Has Transformed Into a Lively, Affordable Destination OCTOBER 13, 2017 6:03 PM by ALIA AKKAM Photo: Alamy There is nowhere to sit at the roomy Radio in Tirana, the capital of Albania. It’s a Thursday night, a New Orleans–style band is cranking out swing tunes, and the

Chip off the 
old Bloc

By: WT WriterOctober 21, 2018Europe Protected’ from tourism by its Communist rulers, Albania is the untouched Balkan beauty that time forgot. Tristan Rutherford has it all to himself I’m the only tourist on the beach. Two beaches actually. The first section of Krorez beach is a white-sand idyll, lapped by the same Ionian blue found

3 Places You Should Visit

The Albanian photographer Nëntor Oseku, has three absolute favorite spots in Albania. These are of the kind that one must not leave unseen. At an interview published by albaniantravel.info he talks passionately about Gramma Bay, Shala River and Curraj i Epërm. He calls these: The heartbreaking destinations of Albania. ‘Twenty years from now you will be more

Albania, the untouched beauty that time forgot

The Sunday Times Travel, Britain’s most popular travel magazine, has published Tristan Rutherford’s Albania tourism story: ‘Protected’ from tourism by its Communist rulers, Albania is the untouched Balkan beauty that time forgot. Tristan Rutherford has heaven to himself. Photography: Jon Attenborough I’m the only tourist on the beach. Two beaches actually. The first section of

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“TheJournal”: Why Albania is the best travel destination you have never considered 15/07/2018 62 TIRANA, July 15 /ATA/ – Nestled between northern Greece and the azure waters of Italy, Albania should be a tourist mecca, the Australian travel magazine “The Journal” by Intrepid Travel. With a fascinating history, natural beauty, to-die-for Mediterranean cuisine, and a bundle of

The Mussel house

Ever heard of the Queen of Butrinti Lake? This name was not given to a mermaid, nor to a fairy or not even to the famous Dea of Butrint, but to a delicious and healthy Mollusk, full of nutritional values, which has become the pride of the region. TravellingAlbania.com desires that everyone visiting Albania should

Albania is on the culinary map

Albania’s food revolution: unique ingredients, lost wines and returning chefs put country on the culinary map During Balkan nation’s 45 years of hardline communist rule, food was rationed, cookbooks were burned and recipes were lost, but a new generation of Albanians are making good use of some amazing indigenous ingredients PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 October,