A successful journey starts with good information beforehand. Here you can read what else is involved: how do you book a trip and what are (besides the general ANVR travel conditions) the most important conditions.

ANVR logo

TravellingAlbania is affiliated with the General Dutch Association of Travel Companies (ANVR). The ANVR travel conditions apply to all our TravellingAlbania trips. Of course, you can request these conditions (for booking) from us or download them on our website or from


TravellingAlbania (Chamber of Commerce no. 73661813) is affiliated with SGR. You can check this on Within the limits of the SGR guarantee scheme, the trips published on this internet site fall under the guarantee of SGR. This SGR guarantee means that the consumer is insured that his prepaid travel allowance will be refunded if the other party is unable to meet the agreed performance due to financial inability. Insofar as the agreement also includes transport and the place of destination has already been reached, the return journey is taken care of.

Calamity Fund Travel

TravellingAlbania (Chamber of Commerce no. 73661813) is affiliated with Stichting Calamiteitenfonds Reizen. Within the limits of the Calamity Fund’s guarantee scheme, the trips published on this website are covered by the Calamity Fund’s guarantee. This guarantee means that you as a consumer who participates in a tour organized by us:

– (part of) the travel sum will be refunded if we are unable or unable to complete the trip as a result of a calamity;

– the necessary additional costs will be reimbursed if we have to adjust the trip as a result of a calamity or if you have to repatriate early.

A calamity means an abnormal event caused by molestation or natural disaster. The emergency fund determines when there is a calamity.

The consumer contribution of € 2.50 that TravellingAlbania sends to the Calamity Fund is shown on the invoice.

Book your trip

On this website, you can see which trip/tours are still available and of course, you can also book your trip here. After booking, you will immediately receive a confirmation by e-mail and you are certain of your place on the journey of your choice. Telephone reservations are also possible.

Shortly before departure

If you book within eight weeks before departure, we must first request your reservation from the relevant airline company. The booking is then subject to available places on the plane. TravellingAlbania will not charge any additional costs for such an application. It happens regularly that the fares for the flight are higher shortly before departure. In that case, the additional costs will be passed on after consultation.


Need a cooling-off period? Then you can take an option on a journey up to 70 days before departure. Such a provisional reservation is valid for 72 hours and is automatically converted into a final or request booking unless you cancel the option in time. It is unfortunately not possible to take an option on a journey where only 6 places or less are free.


It is possible to change your departure date or destination. This is possible within 30 days after booking, provided the current departure date is at least 4 months later. For this, we charge € 50, – administration costs per person. Any additional costs will be charged – of course after consultation. If you have requested a change of flight (ie a return flight or a return flight) then it is not possible to rebook.

Minimum group size and passage

The groups usually consist of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 participants (with Family 26 and Walking journeys 16); You will find exceptions for the trip under Departure dates/price under the heading ‘Group composition’. In the exceptional case that the minimum number of participants is not reached and the trip cannot continue, you will hear this well in advance, but no later than 21 days before departure. In that case, the current booking will expire and you can book a new trip or departure date, whereby you will receive a one-off € 100 discount per person. Refund of the travel sum (with the exception of any costs of visas, vaccinations, and other personal expenses) is also possible.

TravellingAlbania has planned all journeys in advance with the aim and a firm expectation to also execute them. This based on previous results and experiences and on the basis of a minimum number of participants.

In order to guarantee the character of a group tour and to be able to physically execute the journey, a minimum number of participants is required. This number is listed under the heading ‘Group composition’ for the trip concerned.

In accordance with article 4 paragraph 2 of the ANVR travel conditions, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the number of registrations is less than the required minimum number.

It may happen that (final) participants of a trip with ‘departure guaranteed’ have to cancel, as a result of which the group size falls below the required minimum number of participants. The departure guarantee will expire at that time. Keep this in mind if you book a land arrangement (you take care of the international flight yourself). In the case of self-booked air tickets in combination with a land arrangement, there is no reimbursement of air tickets when a trip is canceled.

In addition, TravellingAlbania reserves the right to cancel the trip in unforeseen, weighty circumstances and/or force majeure and not to proceed.

Renew/change flight

A change to your flight – of course only possible if there is space available on the date of your choice – can be requested up to eight weeks before departure, in writing or by e-mail. We charge € 50, – per person, per confirmed request. This does not include any additional costs or deviating rates of airlines. For an exact overview of the costs, you can contact us in advance. On-site you take care of the necessary transfers to/from the airport. If you have applied for a flight extension, changing or rebooking your trip is not possible.

Reservation costs

At TravellingAlbania you pay € 25, – reservation costs per person, with a maximum of € 35, – per invoice.

Invoice/booking confirmation

After registration, you will receive the invoice by e-mail. The invoice is also your booking confirmation and possibly your insurance policy. Check the booking, the names and the first initials of the participants accurately; these must be exactly the same as your passport. If these data differ, chances are that you will not be admitted on the flight. TravellingAlbania is not liable for the consequences. If your travel contract has the status ‘final booking’, the right of withdrawal expires, as well as when the travel agreement is concluded within 8 weeks before departure.


The down payment is 20 percent of the total travel sum, plus the full premium for any cancellation insurance. This amount must be paid immediately after receipt of the invoice. You pay the remainder of the travel sum at least 8 weeks before departure. If you book within 12 weeks before departure, you pay the full fare immediately after booking in one go, via iDEAL, internet banking or credit card.

Pay online

After booking you can pay the deposit directly via iDEAL internet banking or with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard only). Pay via internet banking do not forget to note your customer number. On the ‘My TravellingAlbania’ page, you will find an overview of your payments. Here you can also pay the remaining amount online. For credit card payments, we charge 0.5 percent of the outstanding amount as a contribution to the costs.


TravellingAlbania reserves the right to adjust travel rates of any trip at any time. The current sales prices are published on our website. It is, therefore, possible that fellow travelers have paid a different travel sum. Prices vary according to occupancy and time of booking. At no time can TravellingAlbania proceed to refund the difference in travel sums.

For the trips with departure in the following calendar year, we reserve the right to adjust and calculate routes and prices. The prices of travel outside the EU are currently free of the VAT. If the VAT rules are changed, we adjust the prices. This also applies to changes in airport taxes and flight surcharges.

Information before departure

After your booking confirmation/invoice we will inform you about your journey at regular intervals via e-mail and your own ‘My TravellingAlbania’ page. Always give us an e-mail address when you make your booking and then use your ‘My TravellingAlbania’. If you do not have an e-mail address, we will send you the necessary information by post. Did you receive an invoice, but after that nothing more? Let us know immediately!

Travel documents

On our website, you will find information about travel documents and visas at each destination. It shows whether your passport must meet specific requirements and whether a visa is necessary. Sometimes a group visa is required for a destination. In that case, we will charge the costs of the booking. At other destinations, you are responsible for the visa application. If you wish to have this request processed by the Visa Central, you can indicate this at the latest three weeks before departure. Keep in mind that the Visa Central mediation costs count for preparing the visa, in addition to the standard costs for the visa. You can print out the necessary application forms via your ‘My TravellingAlbania’ page. On request, we send the possible forms to you by mail. You are always responsible for ensuring that you are in possession of the necessary documents at departure and during the trip (see article 6 of the ANVR booking conditions). If you do not have the Dutch nationality and/or passport, you have to check for yourself whether other rules apply.

Something wrong?

Let the tour guide know immediately when something is not right so that we can find a solution. After all, we can no longer compensate for any setbacks. If the problem is not solved satisfactorily on the spot, always contact the Travellingalbania office in Leiderdorp: the ANVR travel conditions stipulate that if a complaint is not reported to the travel organizer as quickly as possible during the trip, any right to compensation will be paid. limited or excluded. To prevent this, you can call us in such a case or send an e-mail to

Cancellation policy

The cancellation conditions that TravellingAlbania applies in accordance with article 9, paragraph 2 of the ANVR travel conditions are as follows:

The traveler has the right to cancel the booked trip in writing. Per passenger the following costs are due:

  1. a) upon cancellation up to 56 days before departure the deposit (20% of the fare);
  2. b) in case of cancellation from 56 to 28 days before departure 50% of the travel sum;
  3. c) upon cancellation from 28 to 14 days before departure 75% of the travel sum;
  4. d) in case of cancellation from 14 days before departure the full travel sum.

A good cancellation insurance covers these costs in most cases. TravellingAlbania works together with Europeesche Verzekeringen, the specialist in insuring travel. More information about insurance can be found here.

Travel insurance

Carefree travel insurance is part of a carefree holiday. After all, an accident is often in a small corner, even on vacation. Because the costs in such a case sometimes increase significantly, travel insurance is required if you participate in a TravellingAlbaniareis. TravellingAlbania works together with Europeesche Verzekeringen, the specialist in ensuring travel. More information about insurance can be found here.

Extensive travel information

With every trip, you will find practical information and an extensive itinerary. Read this important information carefully, it forms part of the travel agreement. You will not receive the detailed travel information automatically. If you do not have internet access, we will send you a print on request.

Traveling in distant countries

Many of our travel destinations are located in non-western countries. That makes a TravellingAlbania trip or tour extra interesting, but keep in mind that some things are different than at home. We, therefore, expect you to read well before you book so that you know whether a specific trip is suitable for you and your travel companions. Think of personal characteristics and health status. Food, hotels, means of transport and infrastructure sometimes differ somewhat from the Netherlands. A three-star hotel in Albania cannot be compared to a Dutch three-star hotel, a bus in Albania has less good suspension and the road surface is worse than we are used to. If you take these things into account beforehand, any delays or inconveniences may not be annoying.

Changes by TravellingAlbania and liability

TravellingAlbania organizes trips with an adventurous character in non-Western Balkan countries. Certain circumstances may occur that require us to make changes to the route, accommodation or transport on site or before departure. In exceptional cases, it can, unfortunately, happen that an airline changes the flight schedule. We can sometimes be forced to fly with another airline or to adjust the journey. We accept no liability for changes to the itinerary due to delays, missing connecting flights or other unforeseen circumstances with airlines and any additional costs and/or adjustments to the program resulting from this.

If a treaty or an EU Regulation applies to a service included in the travel contract, the travel organizer may invoke an exclusion or limitation of liability which that treaty or regulation grants or permits to a service provider as such.

TravellingAlbania is also not liable if and insofar as the traveler has been able to recover his / her loss under an insurance policy taken out by him, such as a travel and/or cancellation insurance.


On our website, you can find information about any recommended vaccinations and prophylaxis at each destination. Always consult the local GGD to check whether this information is still correct. You can also visit the website of the National Coordination Center for Travelers Advice ( or at Home Vaccination. For our destinations and way of traveling, however, TravellingAlbania cannot judge whether a participant with health restrictions is able to make a particular journey without problems. In case of doubt, always ask this question to a doctor. When you use medication, ask your doctor if these medicines fall under the Opium Act. If you travel with medicines that fall under the Opium Act, you must apply for an official declaration.

Flight surcharges

The published travel sum includes airport taxes and safety and fuel surcharges. For the fuel surcharge, we assume an amount as determined by the airline. We pass on any increases in these surcharges to our travelers. Please note that in some countries you still have to pay local taxes, such as a departure tax. An indication of such costs can be found, to our knowledge, with the relevant travel information on our website.

Field trips

A number of excursions are included with almost every trip. Any entrance fees are not included. This so that you always have the freedom to decide whether or not you want to view something. You can find them in the itinerary. At TravellingAlbania, ‘freedom for joy’ is of paramount importance.

Pocket money and personal expenses

For each trip indicated which costs are included in the fare. Personal matters such as insurance, visa fees, and tips are not covered here. For this, you have to pay yourself. The excursions included in the itinerary are included. For this, you only pay the entrance fee on the spot. For this and other expenses during your trip, you will find pocket money advice on the website. This amount is an indication of what you (at least) need and partly dependent on your own spending pattern. After all, TravellingAlbania gives you the freedom to draw your own plan: you decide which sights you value and where you eat, in a (luxury) restaurant or at a local food stall. That is the other way of traveling.

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is nothing more than traveling and taking into account the environment, people, nature and culture so that travel remains possible in the future. The travel industry feels involved. ANVR travel organizations have committed themselves in ANVR to an environmental program with practical measures. In this program, the travel organizations describe how they apply the care for the environment now and in the future in the operational management and in the offered trips. An environmental coordinator trained for this purpose is also active. TravellingAlbania meets the set requirements in accordance with the requirements of the Stichting Milieuzorg ANVR Travel organisers. You can read our environmental policy statement and environmental program on this website. But sustainable tourism is not only a matter for travel companies: you, as a traveler, are also an indispensable link. For more information look here.

Traveling alone

If you book alone, you share a double room with a same-sex travel companion. Is it because of the group composition so that you are in a single room is classified, you never have to pay extra. If you want to be assured of your own room or tent, we can book it for you if available. You can find the surcharge on the website with practical information or you can request it from us.