The Mussel house

Ever heard of the Queen of Butrinti Lake? This name was not given to a mermaid, nor to a fairy or not even to the famous Dea of Butrint, but to a delicious and healthy Mollusk, full of nutritional values, which has become the pride of the region. desires that everyone visiting Albania should not miss out on this experience but have the chance to get acquainted with the Queen of the Mollusk, get a glimpse and a taste of its charm, especially by tasting the wonderful dishes carefully prepared at the Mussel house restaurant. Immersed into nature, surrounded by olive and lemon trees, with a relaxing view of the Butrinti lake, make this restaurant a lovely place to enjoy the day.
The Mussel house offers boat tours too, so that people interested in the lifespan of the Mollusk, can visit the mussel’s cultivations nearby. If you want to spend the night in this marvelous place, newly built wooden houses can become your lodge. Fishers can fish freely and campers can relax at an abundant and peaceful surrounding. Altogether an unforgettable experience, you do not want to miss. This lovely place and many other like this can also be visited as part of a culinary tour prepared for you by Have a look at our culinary tours for more tasteful inspiration.


22 August 2015
We had a great and excellent experience at The mussel house & restaurant! Great and fresh seafood, friendly staff and the perfect place for family too! So happy for this opportunity! Thank you "The mussel house & restaurant! See you again next days!
22 August 2015
I have been already a few times and always had a great experience. Thekitchen works pretty fast and the menu has options for everyone. If you want to try the best mussels ever, you have to visit The Mussel House. The restaurant is modern bright and cheerful and the quality is awesome. It has a friendly casual atmosphere and is a must for mussel lovers. We will be back!!