75 reasons for visiting Albania Catherine from eternalarrival.com For too long, Albania has been ignored as a tourist destination. I get it. The country has had to bounce back from a lot. For years, Albania was under one of the most repressive communist totalitarian regimes in history – even North Korea has more trade partners

BY: PATTI MORROW OP 5 JANUARI 2017 Patti Morrow, Epicure & Culture Contributor Albanian wine is no stranger to Europe. Archaeological evidence near the capital of Tirana suggests that traces of tannic acid, which produces the bitter taste in wine, date back to a 6,000-year viniculture, making Albania potentially the oldest wine region in Europe. Albania, a

Vogue.com LIVING > TRAVEL The Capital of Albania Has Transformed Into a Lively, Affordable Destination OCTOBER 13, 2017 6:03 PM by ALIA AKKAM Photo: Alamy There is nowhere to sit at the roomy Radio in Tirana, the capital of Albania. It’s a Thursday night, a New Orleans–style band is cranking out swing tunes, and the